QSE Webinars

Fireside chat with Mark Mobius
Speakers in Fireside Chat with Mark Mobius Webinar
  • Dr. Mark Mobius, Founding Partner @ Mobius Capital Partners
  • Hussain Al Abdulla, Director PR & Communication @ Qatar Stock Exchange
  • Mohsin Mujtaba, Director Product & Market Development @ Qatar Stock Exchange

With over 40 years of investment experience in emerging markets, managing over $50 billion in assets, Dr. Mobius has a strategy for emerging markets. Join us as we delve into a fireside chat with Dr. Mobius and discuss his investment outlook on emerging markets.
Sunday Sept 6th, 2020
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Qatar
Merger and Acquisition impact on Stock Market
Speakers in FMerger and Acquisition impact on Stock Market Webinar
  • David Hilton - Partner, Mergers & Acquisition at Mazars UK
  • Ryan Imison - Manager, Global Financial Advisory at Mazars UK
  • Hamad Khalil - Venture Market Manager- Qatar Stock Market

The webinar contains:
  • An end-to-end overview of the mergers and acquisitions process
  • What’s the need for M & A and what is the added value to all organizations?
  • Who are involved in mergers and acquisitions at any stage?
  • Different types of M&A. Pros and Cons of each type
  • What after completion of the M&A deal?
Wednesday 9th Sep, 2020
12 noon
Invest in Al Rayan Qatar ETF
Speakers in Invest in Al Rayan Qatar ETF Webinar
  • Khalifa Al Haroon, Founder & CEO, I Love Qatar
  • Akber Khan, Senior Director, Al Rayan Investment
  • Mohsin Mujtaba, Director Product & Market Development at Qatar Stock Exchange

Listed on the QSE, Al Rayan Qatar ETF (QATR) is the world’s largest Sharia-compliant, equity Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). The ETF tracks the QE Al Rayan Islamic Index and enables investors to efficiently invest in a portfolio of 22 Sharia-compliant, Qatari companies. QATR offers a combination of stable income from large cap stocks as well as the growth and momentum of small- and medium-sized companies.

So far in 2020, despite a very difficult year for markets, returns of the index (and ETF) are positive and significantly outperforming the conventional benchmark. Qatar’s economy is undergoing an enormous transformation to overcome the weakness of the global economic environment but also prepare itself for 2022. This poses challenges while also offering abundant opportunities for investors.

Does QATR offer a solution? Find out more with our expert panellists as they discuss and navigate through the numerous considerations of experienced investors.
Tuesday Sept 29th, 2020
5:00 PM Qatar