What is the SSE?


In 2016, Qatar Stock Exchange became a signatory to the United Nations sponsored Sustainable Stock Exchange initiative. Why did we do this?


The Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative promotes corporate investment in sustainability by providing a platform that allows exchanges, in collaboration with investors, listed companies, regulators, legislators and international organisations to assess how they can enhance performance on ESG issues and encourage sustainable investment.


Because we provide the platform for listed companies to raise equity finance and for investors to allocate capital, we have a unique role to play in the empowerment of sustainable finance. We do this by providing guidance to our issuers on sustainability and the adoption of ESG principles for their own benefit and that of investors and the community at large. Being signatories to the SSE initiative, we are able to rely on support and best practice guidance from our peers across the globe and to learn from their experience in dealing with ESG issues.


Our overriding aim is to ensure that matters of sustainability and ESG become and remain important considerations for both our issuers and our investors. As part of this, and our commitment to the SSE, we issued guidance on ESG reporting in 2016 for the benefit of our listed companies and investors. We also launched a web platform, which allows our listed companies to record their progress in adopting sustainability measures and our investors to view and use that information when making their own investment decisions. This can be viewed at the following address: QSE Sustainability Platform