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QSE has published a set of mandatory IR Rules which will become effective as of 1st October 2019.

Investor relations is the term used to describe the activity of companies communicating with the broader investment community. While the communication that listed companies undertake is a mix of regulatory and voluntary activities, investor relations is that part of stock market life that sees companies interacting with existing shareholders, potential investors, analysts and journalists.

QSE wants to see our listed companies committed to improving the standards of investor relations across the market. We want this because the companies listed on our exchange are the corporate ambassadors that represent Qatar.

The IR Rules are intended to assist companies in promoting the three central pillars of good investor relations - transparency, disclosure, and even-handed dealings with investors. These, coupled with an appropriate regulatory regime, are what give investors the confidence to invest their capital.

Investor relations should very much be viewed as a long-term undertaking with the aim of enabling the investment community to have greater awareness of the company’s investment case so that shareholders, potential investors and traders, can each take an informed view and a decision as to their involvement with that listed company.

The IR Rules are designed to assist the IR function in its central and critical role in building trust in listed companies’ disclosure practices.

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Qatar Stock Exchange, in conjunction with Iridium, launched its Investor Relations Excellence Program in 2015. 

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  Press Release


The inaugural winners were announced at a gala event on 28th February 2016. 
Press Release

The 2016 winners were announced on 6th February 2017.
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The 2017 winners were announced on 6th February, 2018.
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The 2018 winners were announced on 6th February, 2019.
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Last year, Ooredoo received recognition as the best Qatari firm for IR Excellence. The best small (Al Meera), mid (Vodafone) and large cap (Qatar National Bank) companies, as well as the best Chief Executive Officer (Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser Al Thani of Ooredoo), the best Chief Financial Officer (Mr. Ajay Bahri of Ooredoo), the best Investor Relations Officer (Mr. Andreas Goldau of Ooredoo) and the best corporate IR website (QNB) in the country, were also recognized.

Qatar Stock Exchange and Iridium Investor Relations are now in the fifth year of running the Program which aims to help listed companies in Qatar further improve investor relations best practices.

Since the inception of the IR Excellence Program, Qatar Stock Exchange has focused on creating awareness for the importance of the investor relations function and as a result, a growing number of companies have made improvements to their investor relations efforts.

Qatar Stock Exchange believes it has never been more important for listed companies to engage in a meaningful dialogue with existing and prospective shareowners that fosters truth and trust and the IR Excellence Program has been created to recognize the best organizations and leaders in Qatar who excel at creating a clear picture about their listed company’s strategic, financial and operational developments, and adhere to the highest standards of transparency and disclosure.

The IR Excellence Program has been benchmarked globally against best practices to ensure a fair, credible and transparent methodology. The full methodology and all rating criteria are made available to the public in advance.

The IR Excellence Program consists of both a public (retail and professional) voting system to cover Best CEO, Best CFO, Best IRO and Best small, mid and large-cap companies as well as Best Overall in Qatar in addition to an independent website ranking of listed company’s websites.

The documents below provide the methodology for 2019:

  2019 Methodology
  2019 Website Criteria