Qatar Stock Exchange provides a regulated market place where companies have access to capital from local and international investors and through which listed companies can grow their businesses.

The consequence of listing a product, which can include equity and bonds/sukuk, on-exchange, is generally viewed as providing issuers and investors with a venue where transactions are completed through a centralised source.

Whereas over the counter (“OTC”) markets rely on decentralised and ultimately bilateral arrangements, listed on-exchange product has the benefits of (i) reduced counterparty risk since market participants are regulated and members of the exchange (ii) increased liquidity through the centralisation of trading (iii) standardised price and quality of execution of trading and (iv) significant regulatory oversight.

Qatar Stock Exchange is being developed as a global exchange based on strong domestic roots where issuers and investors come together at the heart of the financial community in the Middle East and its increasingly important capital pool.

Our markets are designed to satisfy the requirements of issuers and investors, over time offering a choice of markets and products. Qatar Stock Exchange expects to complement our current equity product offering with bonds and sukuk initially to be expanded to cover investment funds and ETFs.

Qatar Stock Exchange is therefore your gateway to a diversified Qatari and international investor base and as part of NYSE Euronext, the international capital markets destination of choice, provides:

  • Qatari peer group – many of the leading companies in Qatar are listed on the exchange.
  • Product choice – a venue were issuers and investors will be able to choose to diversify their funding sources and investment portfolios through listed equity and in the future bonds or sukuk, ETFs and investment vehicles.
  • Liquidity – a liquid market for both primary and secondary market product and part of the most liquid exchange group in the world.
  • Leading technology platform – proven technology platform providing the global standard in the exchange industry.
  • Global visibility – a public company on the most powerful visibility platform of any global exchange.