What can we expect in the future?


Whilst the QSE Guidelines are currently voluntary, globally, mandated ESG reporting is increasingly the norm. Qatar and its listed companies can expect that in due course reporting material ESG metrics and in the future sustainability reports will become mandatory.


QSE has published guidance for listed companies on sustainability and ESG reporting. This can be found here: QSE ESG Guidance. We will regularly update our guidance in line with international best practice.


We also provide a platform allowing each company to record and monitor their ESG performance against their peers. This can be found here: QSE Sustainability Platform. We will continue to maintain and update this platform for the benefit of listed companies and investors alike.


There is little doubt that ESG investing will continue to grow in importance and that regulators and investors will demand more and more information from companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development. By enhancing the quality and reliability of that information, companies will benefit from improvements in their ESG ratings leading to potential inclusion in international sustainability indices. This will improve their visibility, aid customer retention and financial performance and attract more investors.