What are QSE doing?


In addition to the support that we provide to our listed companies and investors, we at QSE are also committed to ensuring that we play our own part in Qatar’s sustainable development. We are doing this by reducing our impact on the environment, adopting best practice Corporate Governance and being socially responsible in all that we do. Below is a summary of some of our recently implemented initiatives



  • Controlling and reducing the use of single-use plastic, particularly bottles, with a view to eliminating them from our premises by the end of 2020
  • Reducing the use and waste of paper through process automation / digitization and centralized and controlled printing services
  • Reducing power consumption through active control and shutdown of devices
  • Reducing the use of water
  • Introducing waste management and recycling



  • Promoting diversity in the workforce – currently 20% of directors are female
  • Maintaining a male / female pay ration of 1:1
  • Investing in staff development and talent management
  • Actively engaging with the local investor community with regular on-line and physical education courses and seminars
  • Supporting schools and universities with sponsorship of research competitions and providing apprenticeship programme



  • Maintaining separation of CEO and Chairman’s roles
  • Maintaining a majority of non-executive directors on the board, with varied skills
  • Ensuring that all board committees have defined and published charters
  • Ensuring 100% conformity with Corporate Governance guidelines prescribed by regulator