Welcome Message


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Qatar Stock Exchange. We continue to be inspired by Qatar National Vision of a nation whose progress is based on sustainability and excellence in economic, social and human development, and are therefore committed to making Qatar financial hub, recognized regionally, and internationally. A stock market is considered the backbone of capital markets and a major player in the development of national economies. The significance of a stock exchange lies not only in its capacity as a trading venue, but also in its capacity as major player at the macroeconomic level and a significant contributor in the economic development in terms of capital formation and capital allocation as well as the creation of an attractive investment climate. With this in mind and in accordance with our commitment to contribute to the Qatar’s National Vision 2030; and in its quest of diversity, sustainability and high competitiveness, Qatar Stock Exchange has made many achievements in terms of the implementation of ambitious plans to diversify the economy and empower the private sector in order to not rely only on oil and gas revenues. On this basis, QSE is considered a platform for the diversification of the economy as it is a platform for capital allocation to businesses and government projects. It is also a platform for capital formation through the provision of liquidity to existing companies. It is also a platform for government privatization program and a platform for the development of SME’s through the QSE Venture Market. QSE is also a platform that includes a variety of economic sectors such as banking, real estate, industrials, and other sectors. Based on this, QSE constitutes the best place for investors, which provides them with a variety of investment products and tools and allows them to develop their savings on the one hand and contribute to the national economy on the other hand. The past years were full with major milestones. We are looking forward to achieve more in the future. Work results in further work; achievement calls for further achievement. We are fully inspired and hopeful to carry our delivery further with perseverance and persistence.


Peace be upon you
Since inception, the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) has continued in its efforts to achieve its strategic objectives and enhance its role locally and internationally. The QSE achieved remarkable progress as a platform for economic diversification and helping to achieve sustainable development, covering the human, social, economic and environmental pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030. These achievements are evidenced by the trading performance and infrastructure improvements, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and the promotion of market awareness, roadshows to support investment promotion and to improve market transparency and IR disclosures in accordance with international best practice. We will continue to build on the progress that we have achieved. As we head into the future, we will remain focused on adopting and promoting best practices in global financial markets with an emphasis on sustainable growth. The QSE has made great strides in promoting investment awareness among existing and potential investors in the market. The promotion of local investment awareness is based on a set of pillars aimed to promote sound and best practices for sustainable investments. Our belief that the QSE is one of the pillars of the national economy has motivated us to provide the best services to local and international investors through the provision of new investment tools and mechanisms to enhance liquidity in the market with a focus on establishing the foundations of order, integrity and transparency. QSE also plays a pivotal role in encouraging family and private companies to transform into public shareholding companies, which in turn will support the national economy.