Membership Requirements:


2.2.1 An Applicant wishing to become a member of the Exchange shall fulfill the following criteria to the Exchange’s satisfaction:

(i) It must be a Financial Service Firm;


(ii) Its personnel must be adequately qualified and experienced to manage and operate the anticipated business on the Exchange market;


(iii) It shall comply with the Applicable Laws and these Rules and implement adequate internal procedures and controls in relation to its intended business on the Exchange;


(iv) It shall have entered into the Membership Agreement and other related contracts with the Exchange and have met any requirements specified by the Exchange;


(v) It shall have demonstrated that it has sufficient resources for the business it intends to perform on the market; and


(vi) It fulfils any other criteria which the Exchange may prescribe and publish by way of Notice with the approval of the Authority.


2.2.2 The Exchange may reject the application of an Applicant located in any state or jurisdiction which the Exchange determines does not have satisfactory governmental or regulatory practices consistent with Membership of the Exchange.


2.2.3 The Exchange shall publish by Notice the names of the members and the rights they enjoy under these Rules.


2.2.4 The Member shall appoint an individual responsible for liaising with the Exchange.