Vision of an SME Market-More

Vision of SME
Qatar Stock Exchange’s existing Main Market has been the flagship market for leading Qatari companies since its founding in 1997. The market was designed to cater for companies with established track records with experienced management teams and who wished to take advantage of the benefits of being a public company but also had the resources and expertise to cater to the disclosure demands and disciplines of being listed.

The launch of QE Venture Market has a complementary vision but one with needs of SMEs at its core. QE Venture Market will be dedicated to SMEs who will by definition have a minimal track record and a higher risk profile but companies nonetheless who are growing and need the access to capital that being listed entails. We envisage that being listed on the QE Venture Market will suit smaller entrepreneurial companies with a limited track record and also less resources to meet the heightened investor relations and corporate governance practices demanded of Main Market companies.

Companies on the QE Venture Market will trade on the same UTP infrastructure and benefit from the same regulatory safeguards as that afforded to Main Market companies but will be readily identifiable as a separate and dedicated marketplace.

Over time we expect QE Venture Market companies to graduate to the Main Market as they grow and develop the necessary track record.

As with our Main Market, QE Venture Market will be founded on strong domestic roots where issuers and investors come together at the heart of the financial community but one where importantly companies from around the GCC and MENA region will be able to attract the capital to take advantage of the many opportunities available to SMEs in the region.


QE Venture Market is designed to be your route to a diversified Qatari and international investor base and an important element of the Qatar Stock Exchange product choice overall which provides:


  Qatari peer group – many of the leading companies in Qatar are listed on the
  Product choice – a venue were issuers and investors will be able to choose to
   diversify their funding sources and investment portfolios through listed equity and in
   the future bonds or sukuk, ETFs and investment vehicles;
  Liquidity – a liquid market for both primary and secondary market product;
  Leading technology platform – proven technology platform providing the global
    standard in the exchange industry and
  Global visibility – a public company on a leading regional Exchange