How to List

We summarize in this section the process of preparation and execution involved in going public. Numerous third party advisors including lawyers, auditors and investment banks will be involved in the process but we recommend early dialogue with Qatar Stock Exchange and Qatar Financial Markets Authority who is the listing authority for QE Venture Market
The first step is an initial review of the requirements for becoming a listed company. An applicant must:

  Be a joint-stock company licensed by the Ministry of Economy & Commerce (this requirement doesn't apply for foreign issuer);

  Minimum free float of 10%;
  Minimum subscribed capital of QR 2 million;
  Have an audited one year track record;
  Publish Information Memorandum approved by QFMA;

  Undertake to adhere to all  QSE rules and regulations and
  Submit documents as specified by QSE:
- application form
- copy of Articles and Memorandum of Association
- copy of valid Commercial Registration



*Prospective companies should refer to the attached Listing Requirements publication but for  a full discussion of the current QE and QFMA requirements please refer to the QSE Rulebook and the QFMA’s Offering & Listing of Securities Rulebook "Second Market" - “This is an unofficial translation and if there are any discrepancies between the English and the Arabic version than the Arabic version will prevail”

*Prospective companies should also refer to the Amendment of some provisions of Decision No. (2) of 2011 to issue Offering & Listing of Securities or the Venture Market Rulebook