Role of an SME Market-More

Role of SME
Economies in both the developed and emerging markets are founded on the success of small and medium enterprises ('SME'), contributing employment opportunities, wealth creation and increased output. This sector is important therefore in the ongoing growth of Qatar’s economy and Qatar Stock Exchange’s development of QE Venture Market is specifically designed to fit within the country’s overall desire to support SMEs encapsulated in the many government-led initiatives in the area and as part of the ‘Qatar National Vision 2030’.


We expect QE Venture Market to:


  Provide a dedicated route to market for small and mid-cap companies;
  Establish a universe of peer group companies which will be beneficial to investor
    following and research coverage ;
  Allow the necessary flexibility to develop a regulatory structure best suited to small
    and mid-cap companies;
  Allow the necessary flexibility to develop a lower cost pricing structure;
  Provide an effective focal point for both issuers and investors in the small and mid-
    cap space and
  Position Qatar as a centre of excellence and GCC hub for SMEs.