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Why List
For SMEs the rationale for listing is often, but not always, allied to the need for capital.   


The following is a summary of the general considerations:

  Diversifying sources of funding through increasing company’s equity base;
  Offering liquidity to financial, family or minority shareholders;
  Visibility, status and valuation and
  Strategic corporate objective.

Over and above these general considerations for SME's we expect QE Venture Market to have the following attractions:

 ‘Home’ of entrepreneurial Qatari companies;
 Unique Selling Point of business preparation and business facilitation services;
 Dedicated route to market for small and mid-cap companies with advantages of
  customised regulatory framework;
  Association with government-led initiatives and
  Liquidity in the primary and secondary markets

For a full discussion of the considerations with regard to going public please see our publication Why List.

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